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The Silver Lyming: Episode 1 with Jessica Snajder


Jessica founded a nonprofit in March of 2020 called "Partner in Lyme" ( to help support those going through healing emotionally and to be able to give some financial assistance to those trying to pay for treatment in the state of CT. She became involved with Lyme advocacy because her daughter contracted Lyme, but unfortunately, Jessica has now also contracted Lyme and TBI. I enjoyed this episode because Jessica touches on so many great ideas like how fatigue and sickness can be normalized so how many people are actually sick and do not realize it? 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 2 with Dr. Morgan Camp


This episode is full of insight and wisdom into how to heal the body, mind, and spirit, as Dr. Camp ( realizes the way to heal is not one simple fix.


I think one of the biggest aha moments is when he touches on #lymedisease being related to parasitic behavior in self. Dr. Camp calls this “the hero’s journey” and hearing his story, you will understand why. Please like and share this episode so others can hear it and be inspired too.

The Silver Lyming: Episode 3 with Debbie Horstman Linguanti


In this episode, I am joined by one of the brightest lights I know. Debbie has overcome multiple health challenges, which is nothing unfamiliar to those in the Lyme world, such as a brain tumor, cervical and ovarian cancer. In my opinion, our immune systems are rendered next to useless, so I feel it leaves us susceptible to other issues popping up more readily. At any rate, Debbie has overcome so much and is a true inspiration to know and I always smile when I see her posts pop up on Facebook. 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 4 with Ellen Thompson


I love this episode, and not just because I remembered to start recording directly at the beginning. I am learning :) Ellen is someone I met through the Lyme community when people found out I was looking for people who have healed. What a beautiful person! I feel I have found another kindred spirit. Ellen has written and produced a musical, "Lyme Disease: The Musical" ( and has created a catchy song to help remind others to do a daily tick check of their body called "Pay Attention" (For Lyme Disease Prevention) 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 5 with Josh Cutler

Josh and I connected initially in 2021 through social media. I was well into my healing process and Josh was still very sick. I can remember Josh reaching out for help or with questions about how to get better, and me feeling awful after because I could not make him better and he was struggling terribly. Now Josh and I are both healthy and living our lives again. Josh started The Healing Dudes with his friend and business partner, Joe Cusamano, after they began to heal together. I love their story about how they encouraged each other to "get busy living or get busy dying" 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 6 with Jim Lannom

In this episode, I interview my friend Jim Lannom. We met on Facebook because of Lyme and I am grateful for his friendship and support. Like many of us, Jim is not 100% certain when he contracted Lyme/TBI, but he suspects it may have been when he was clearing land for a friend in TX a number of years ago. In the spring of 2017, symptoms really began to intensify for Jim after starting to work third shift. That can take a toll on someone’s health, especially because it is bypassing the body’s natural circadian rhythm and detoxification schedule.

The Silver Lyming: Episode 7 with Kelly Lewis

In this episode, I am lucky enough to interview my friend Kelly Lewis. Kelly knows very well what Lyme/TBI do to someone after his own first-hand encounter with it. He was able to figure out somewhat early on that he had Lyme, although it took a little effort, especially because he did not get the standard rash right away. To remind you, only 35% of people get the standard bullseye rash so that is not a failsafe way to determine if you’ve been bitten. If you do get a bullseye rash however, you do not need blood work to confirm you have Lyme as the rash is proof positive.

The Silver Lyming: Episode 8 with Louis Vondenbosch

Louis is not exactly sure when he contracted Lyme/TBI, but he suspects it was when he was at a picnic. His symptoms started about a week later with flu-like symptoms and muscle pain in his back. (I wonder if the pain in his back was the area where he got bit, but clearly, we will never know:/) His symptoms progressed so rapidly he was hospitalized for 4-5 days. Gratefully he has made a full recovery with the exception of ongoing joint pain, but hearing his story is a reminder that Lyme/TBI comes in many forms, some drastic enough to hospitalize someone and even result in death.

The Silver Lyming: Episode 9 with Amber Gordon

Amber Gordon is the host of The Sacred Leadership Podcast (which is fantastic so please take a listen) and is no stranger to healing her body ( She has overcome a lot of physical adversity starting from birth and is flourishing with not only her health, but with her purpose in life. This may be in fact her Silver Lyming from her decades long journey with Lyme/TBI, that she has found her life purpose. What a beautiful gift. 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 10 with Allyssa LaScala


I am excited to release this milestone episode #10! These are so much fun for me to make, and this episode is no different. I have known Allyssa for quite some time now. She and I met back when I was first diagnosed with Lyme and worked on a few things together. She gave a talk on nutrition to my support group when I ran it in-person AND we had kicked around the idea of doing this podcast together. Timing was just not quite right but we remained friends and I have SO enjoyed watching her grow her business, Biohacking Bombshell 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 11 with Patrick Plum

Patrick's story started with him finding a "bruise" on his chest and he did not think twice about it. Shortly thereafter, he began having health issues and he began trying to figure out what was wrong with him. He saw between 30-35 doctors and had NO answers for the that started going wrong in his body. They kept telling him it was "stress" which worried him because he is an airline pilot, and those types of challenges make one ineligible to fly. Finally, someone pointed him in the direction of Lyme/TBI.

The Silver Lyming: Episode 12 with Evangelia Vensel

Evangelia's episode was removed from YouTube because of discussing vaccines, but you can watch the full episode here.

Evangelia thinks she contracted Lyme when she was 10, but like so many others, she is not 100% certain when she contracted it. She was given a lot of antibiotics as a child so that did not help her gut health. She turned to drugs and alcohol as a means of coping with all the trauma and sickness she experienced as a child. 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 13 with Sandy Riley

Sandy and her husband Maurice are no strangers to the diseases ticks can infect us with. They were both infected with Lyme/TBI, and like so many others, are not particularly sure where they contracted it. Sandy thinks they may have been bit when they would take long strolls in the woods and grassy fields where they used to live but they never became acutely ill, it was more of a gradual onset of illness. Maurice wound up getting a pacemaker in 2015 for an incredibly low heart rate. He would literally fall asleep while doing activities. 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 14 with Gigi Thibodeau

Like many of us, Gigi Thibodeau is not sure how she contracted Lyme/TBI. She started to feel unwell about 5 years ago, July 4, 2018. She experienced what she will call a "tipping point". She got incredibly sick right away after that event and experienced a lot of vestibular challenges, which ultimately forced her to have to give up her job that she loved incredibly. She was a writer and a teacher and could no longer make her brain work for her to perform her job.

The Silver Lyming: Episode 15 with Dr. Sue Eisen

Dr. Sue Eisen is a functional medicine doctor, holistic chiropractor, and founder Tick Tock Naturals ( She gratefully had a medical background to guide her to a diagnosis of Lyme and tickborne illness potentially sooner than the average person. 

**You can mention my name and this episode for 10% off any order from Tick Tock Naturals. 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 16 with Ethan Jones

This weeks’s guest has alpha-gal syndrome. That’s the one being talked about in the news so much the last few days that gives you an allergy to red meat and other animal products. What’s even crazier is we know that it comes from a tick bite, but the doctor that found his alpha-gal REFUSED to test for additional tick-borne infections. How can someone have a tick-borne illness but we refuse to look for any other infection, while there is a HUMAN suffering with unanswered health challenges??? Good reminder how we MUST be our own best advocates when we do not feel right.

The Silver Lyming: Episode 17 with Me, Anne Desjardins

This week's episode is well-timed with it being six years since my diagnosis with Lyme/TBI which is a moment that has completely changed my life for the better (and for those of you who know me, you know 17 is my Angel number so I could not resist using it for my episode). I remember thinking about dying so many times in the months leading up to August 4, 2017, and FINALLY had an answer that I could target to heal versus just throwing everything against the wall and hoping something sticks.

The Silver Lyming: Episode 18 with Patrick Slouck

Can you imagine eating your lunch and suddenly losing the ability to chew your food? This is exactly what happened to Patrick one day. He was eating food with his wife and lost the ability to finish chewing. All he really could do was fall face first into bed hoping it would pass since he did not have health insurance at the time. Sadly, it did not pass, and he went to the walk-in clinic the next day. When he removed his shirt, the doctor exclaimed that he has Lyme. This worried Patrick because it is a disease which he thought meant permanent. 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 19 with Ricky Wilson

If you don't already believe in miracles, you will after hearing Ricky's story of healing from Lyme and tick-borne illness. Ricky's started with a light bull's-eye rash on his chest (that alone is rather miraculous since only about 35% of people get a bull's-eye rash) in 2017. His Lyme test initially was positive but then another test only showed him positive to one band. He was still referred to an infectious disease doctor who told him he did not have an active case of Lyme but had only been exposed to is at some point in his past. 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 20 with Carrie Perry


Carrie's story is a little bit unique in that she herself does not have Lyme or tick-borne illness, but two of her daughters have contracted it, one of them contracted it twice. In supporting her daughters in the recoveries, she learned all too well how expensive and difficult it is to treat these infections. When her daughter Sam began experiencing symptoms, Carrie did not know what was wrong with her. She took Sam from doctor to doctor trying to get answers to what her daughter was experiencing. 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 21 with Chris Mochin

Chris was a terrific athlete as a young child until about the age of 10. He can remember a day where he had a burning sensation on the back of his neck, and when his mom looked, she saw what potentially may have been an insect bite. It actually turned out to be a bullseye rash, but at the time, it was not quickly recognized as such. After that experience, when he returned to school and sports, he was no longer the same child. He could no longer play ball well and had developed a fear of the ball almost overnight. He began to suffer from a lot of bruising and nose bleeds which no one could explain.

The Silver Lyming: Episode 22 with Carol Gretsky


As we have learned in previous episodes, Lyme can affect more than one family member. This is what happened to Carol and her family. Carol, her husband, and her daughter, were all impacted by Lyme/TBD. None of them are certain where they contracted it, but they are all certain that they had it. Carol and her husband did not suffer tremendously and gratefully were able to recover with minimal effort, but their daughter was not so lucky. One day, it appeared as though she had a stroke, and they did not understand what was happening to her. 

The Silver Lyming: Episode 23 with Saha Limaye


This is an extra special episode as this is the story of my cousin, Saha, who has struggled with Lyme and tick-borne illness possibly from birth. She had bad colic as a baby and had a ton of digestive issues. Saha has done a lot of "deeper dive work with herself" and it has helped immensely. She uses nutrition, which is something she has had to evolve with because she has had so many gastric and digestive issues. Take a listen as Saha shares some of her healing practices and how she got better, including her experience with Kambo.

The Silver Lyming: Episode 24 with Ryan Syverson


Ryan was always very active and healthy, and he enjoyed playing many sports until random injuries started occurring and he had insomnia. This began in 2010. He felt like his body had aged and he suddenly had a hard time doing simple things because his body was in such pain. He began seeking help from the medical community and was told there was nothing wrong with him. After being told that so many times, he resorted to a functional medicine doctor and continued belief that there was something drastically wrong with him.

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