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Chirology is the Greek word for “hand study”.

In my quest to heal myself, I learned about chirology. I was so impressed with the findings, that I decided to learn how to read palms to share the gift of understanding “self” more with the world. The hand can also be called “the visible brain” because of the number of motor and neuron connections to the brain that are devoted to the hand.

The patterns on our hands represent a psychological connection that can be interpreted through understanding these markings. What do your hands say about you? One thing that really stuck with me from my reading was a particular fingerprint called a composite. It looks similar to a yin yan and gives you the ability to see things from both sides but can also be very difficult to make decisions because of this. I now know that is how I am wired and I can talk myself through these conflicts much faster because I know I will most likely never reach 100% certainty about anything because of this and how I see the world. It has really freed me to understand myself more.


Understanding the Greek Art of "Hand Study"